About us

Experience and creativeness.
Teamwork and cooperation.
In a word, Quality Merchandising.
A structure born out of the combined talents and track records of two leading entrepreneurs: Gianni Garrino and Enzo La Costa.
Two fascinating worlds meet up: entrepreneurship and communication. These are the two main building blocks of Quality Merchandising, sharing the same creative, innovative, original approach to the company’s activities.
On the strength of many years’ experience in the fields of advertising communication and industry, the promotions and merchandising agency, Quality Merchandising places the accent on innovation as it selects ideas, styles and materials for merchandising and retail fields. Our aim is to provide appealing, original, quality products.

Enzo La Costa An advertising executive, who founded a longstanding promotions agency in 1980, worked toward launching many brands in various sectors, ranging from food, cars and apparel to durable goods. Teamwork with the marketing offices of client companies contributed to the development of targeted merchandising projects.

Gianni Garrino  70 years old. Has had an enviably successful career as a businessman. At the age of 20, in Turin, he founded Invicta, the widely known sports goods company which became Europe’s largest manufacturer of backpacks for youngsters. As the company reached the peak of its successes, in 1994, Garrino sold it and moved into other, new (and successful) enterprises.

Giorgia La Costa Was born into the world of advertising. Since her earliest years, she has been a part of this world, and so it came naturally to her to take a degree in Communication Sciences.
 After spending some time in the United States, both for work and study purposes (she worked for an advertising agency in Boston), with her father, she founded La Costa & Associati, a concern active in the field of media consultancy. A practised hand at embarking on new, creative projects, one of her great strengths lies in her instinctive ability to pick winners.

Enrico Cabianca Who worked with a number of advertising agencies, found in La Costa & Associati a great platform for unleashing his creative impulses, in projects for Italian and international clients. He is now a key figure in Quality Merchandising and ‘the fastest Mac in town’. With his hyper-realistic renderings, he knows how to breathe life into his projects.

Daniela Gattuso Acute and perspicacious, Daniela is the youngest of team but, however, no less resourceful. Her perseverance and cheerfulness are what were missing for the balance of our team. 

Lina Guglielmucci  Is admin's ‘blonde superlady’. Ever efficient and meticulous in her work, she manages the admin office and keeps an eye firmly on ensuring optimal cost-benefit ratios. The professional approach she adopts to her tasks, and her know-how are both impeccable!