Merchandising area

A product comes into existence, it communicates, it distinguishes itself from others.
Ongoing attention to new materials, new technologies and innovative design techniques for merchandising.


Constant quality research, while focusing on client needs these are the concepts that form the bedrock of our structure. We start out from this premise. The key factors behind our work - also backing up our quality guarantees - consist in our propensity to engage in teamwork with expert designers, and our ability to select only the best domestic and non-European manufacturers.


Research and design


We look for the best promotional that best represents you, furthermore,
we’ve design and production skills oriented to produce promotional objects
tailored on your specific needs.

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Ecologic products


Most of our research is directed toward eco-friendly products and products that can be readily recycled and re-used. We pay particular attention to sources of production.

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Materials research


Quality Merchandising is firmly committed to fostering environmental responsibility and eco-sustainability. Our commitment within these fields plays a key part in corporate strategy decision-making processes.

List of materials