The inflatable bag.

Airbag inflatable PVC bags, the work of our creative design team, are produced in Thailand. These highly original, unusual bag design solutions, with their stunning colours, are uniquely elegant and also uniquely practical!

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Multi Balls Bag

Laplam is a new material obtained from the scraps generated by processing plastic that become a smart solution for the production of original, coloured bags.

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Multiballs, laplam

Alfaromeo Tyre Bag

Tyre Bags are incredibly tough. Amazingly original. There’s a sports look about them. They evoke the road, power and motors. A perfect product for the Alfaromeo brand, now part of the brand’s e-commerce and merchandising line of products.

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tyrebags Alfaromeo

Ecologic products


Most of our research is directed toward eco-friendly products and products that can be readily recycled and re-used. We pay particular attention to sources of production.

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Retail brands


We’re specialized in creation and research of innovative and functional products with prices always coherent to their value.

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Product consulting


Quality Merchandising also designs and produces any number of articles on behalf of other brands. We know our production sources and we have a great team of designers and researchers. Our experience is mostly oriented on the field of workwear, we called wellness working dress, because we drive our attention to the search for innovative materials that improve the well-being of the wearer.

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